We are the largest stockist of Boiler Tubes in India. Classification of boiler tubes with their manufacturers in India is as given below
(1) ERW Boiler Tubes - TI -Bhusan
(2) Seamless Boiler Tubes - MSL/ISMT/KSTL
(3) Alloy Steels Seamless Boiler Tubes - JSL/ISMT/KSTL and imported from Kawasaki Corporation JFE- Japan, Silco Tub - Romania, Heng Yang Valin - China, Bowsteel - China, Wuxi Erquan - China Vallorec - France, Tubacex - Spain
Boiler Tubes are used for heat and steam services in boilers of almost every industries. The main industries where boiler tubes are used are Sugar, Textile, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Paper, Rice Mills, Power Generation and many others.
All Boiler Tubes are available duly with I.B.R> (Indian Boiler Regulation Act) Test Certificate.
The sizes available in ERW Boiler Tubes ranges from 1/2 " OD to 4 " OD in thickness of 14 SWG to 8 SWG in BS-3059 Gr. 320.
The sizes available in Seamless Boiler Tubes ranges from 1/2 " OD to 5 " OD in thickness of 12 SWG to 5 SWG in BS-3059/2/360, DIN 17175, ST 35.8 & 45.8 ASTM A210 Grade Al, ASTM A192
The sizes available in Alloy Steel Seamless Boiler Tubes ranges from 1/2 " OD to 4 " OD in thickness of 2.64 mm to 9.53 mm in Specifications of 213, 209, 200 in Grade, T11, T22, T5 & DIN 17175, 15 MO3, 13CrMo44, 10CrMo910
We aslo stock Stay Tubes in Seamless Boiler Tubes in specification of BS-3059/2/360. We also have Air Pre-Heater Tubes used for Boilers conf. to BS-1775.
Air Pre-Heater Tube conform to BS-1775 and BS 6323-PART-V-ERW-2-NKM. STAY TUBE are Seamless Boiler Tube with higher wall thickness of 5.00, 5.50, 6.00, 6.35, 7.01, 7.94, 9.52 & 12.7 mm. wall thickness. In specification BS/3059/II/360, ASTM A192, DIN 17175, ST35.8 & 45.8, ASTM A210 Grade A-1, ASTM A 210 Grade C.